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X-Men: Phoenix, Legacy Of Fire

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  • Comic Title: X-Men: Phoenix, Legacy Of Fire
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Ryan Kinnaird
  • Genres: action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi
  • Publication Run: 2003
  • Status: completed
  • Synopsis: Limbo, a vast plane of existence -- home of the surreal, the powerful, and the pristine. It is believed that in the beginning, the Phoenix, an entity of omnipotent power, was born of the great void. In its quest to understand existence, the Phoenix created the vastness of Limbo to be home to its children. The millenia passed, and eventually the great entity died, leaving its children to their own fates.

    As time went on, the children began to dispute the hierarchy of Limbo, and great wars broke out over their homeland. Creating their own followers and armies, the children would draw out their conflicts for tens of thousands of years until they themselves followed their parent into nothingness. The followers, tired of the warring, and looking for peace, eventually put down their arms and went their separate ways. Kingdoms were formed, and territories were established as they made new lives for themselves and prospered through their accomplishments.

    Time continued to pass, and what would come to be known as the greatest discovery of recorded history was made -- the finding of the Phoenix Sword, a blade said to have been forged from ore dug from the petrified remains of the Great Phoenix itself! The Sword gifted its bearer`s bloodline with great strength and near immortality, while wielding an array of incredible magics. Word of the Sword`s power spread far throughout Limbo, and those who sought to conquer began plans to make the blade their own.

    War after war was waged as the Sword slipped from hand to hand. These years became known as The Age of Chaos. Eventually, a clan of demi-humans called The Pyre would take possession of the great blade, with each Pyre bearer wielding it with far greater skill than any of the Phoenix Sword`s previous masters. As it was passed down from generation to generation, the Sword became more a tool of peace than of war.

    Thus, with the mighty blade in the hands of The Pyre clan, the Age of Chaos slowly came to an end. Still, others felt jealousy, hatred, and loathing towards The Pyre clan and took every opportunity to slay the Sword-bearer`s kin. They would often pay for their treacherous acts with their lives, but the years would take their toll on the numbers of The Pyre clan, for now there are only two!
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