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Wolverine Vs. The Marvel Universe TPB (2017)


Wolverine takes on all comers in a collection of his classic brawls with Marvel`s finest! Sparks fly as Adamantium claws strike Captain America`s shield! Wolverine and Daredevil battle over Bushwhacker! Spider-Man`s world is forever changed in an espionage thriller! Wolverine renews rivalries with a gray Hulk; has a nightmarish showdown with Venom; and tackles Avengers, New Warriors and more โ€” but his mighty melee with Thor will be legendary! And in an incredible tale, Logan faces the entire Marvel Universe when a deadly plague transforms everyone โ€” human and superhuman โ€” into savage, cannibal predators. Who will make a stand against the endless slaughter? One word: SNIKT!

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