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  • Comic Title: Venomized
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Cullen Bunn, Iban Coello
  • Genres: superhero
  • Publication Run: 2018
  • Status: ongoing
  • Synopsis: The story that began in VENOMVERSE reaches its epic conclusion with VENOMIZED! The POISONS, a species that hungers for super-powered symbiotes and their hosts, have picked their next target...THE MARVEL UNIVERSE ITSELF! Their first objective? Put every superhuman in a Klyntar symbiote – and CONSUME THEM! But with VENOM and the X-MEN still missing after the events of `Poison-X,` the planet and its heroes are defenseless!
  • Venomized (2018) Issue 6
  • Venomized (2018) Issue 5
  • Venomized (2018) Issue 4
  • Venomized (2018) Issue 3
  • Venomized (2018) Issue 2
  • Venomized (2018) Issue 1