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Venom: Lethal Protector

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Venom escaped New York and now resides in San Francisco. Having turned over a new leaf, Venom decides to become a protector of the weak and forgotten. But can this lethal protector truly become a hero? This is a spin off for Venom finally giving him his own series. In this story part one of lethal protector, Eddie Brock moves away to San francisco to help fight crime in his own anti hero way.When he is approached by police wanting to bring him in for the murder of the guard at the vault when he ecaped. He evades them and ends up trying to find somewhaere else for a place to stay when he comes upon people being beaten in the park. Naturally he steps in as venom. The scene cuts and goes to New York City. There peter sees that venom is at large in california. He gets on a plane and starts searching for his black counterpart and finds him. He immediatly thinks venom is killing innocent people and steps in. Venom is angered by spidey breaking their agreement to stay away from one another and fights off the goons fleeing.