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The Snowpiercer


After losing contact with the Snowpiercer, those aboard a second train fear a collision, and send several explorers on a braking exercise, where they stop the train. Only one returns alive, and soon disappears. Seventeen years later, Puig Vallès joins one of the now semi-regular braking exercises to avoid collision with the Snowpiercer. When accused of murdering one of his fellow explorers, he is sent on a suicide mission in a small plane but survives; after threatening to crash land his plane in front of the train, he is hailed as a hero. The elites then reveal that the first braking mission was to take the Snowpiercer, and that the sole survivor is Proloff, who only talks to the engine. They maintain the myth that the Snowpiercer is out of control and still circling the world, to control the populace with fear.