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Spider Man And Batman: Disordered Minds

In the beginning of the story, it shows the respective heroes awakening from nightmares about the death of their loved ones (Spider-Man`s sees his uncle Ben Parker murdered and when the killer reveals himself to be the Joker; Batman witnesses the death of his parents at the hands of Carnage) and it`s reflection on their roles as super heroes.
In Ravencroft Institute, Spider-Man is at the institute At the behest of Dr. Ashley Kafka to oversee her as she attempts to cure Carnage from his mental condition. Despite the high-tech containment system, Carnage breaks free from his prison and battles Spider-Man, but is then stunned and reverted back to Cletus Kasady by the institute`s heavily armed guards utilizing `microwave guns`. Kafka is confused as to how Carnage was able resist the high intense levels of heat wave from his prison that neutralize the symbiote. She determines that the only way to neutralize the symbiote is through Kasady`s mind.

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