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Spellbinders: Signs And Wonders

  • Comic Title: Spellbinders: Signs And Wonders
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Mike Carey, Mike Perkins
  • Genres: leading ladies, school life, supernatural
  • Publication Run: 2018
  • Status: ongoing
  • Synopsis: When 15-year-old Kim Vesco moves from Chicago to Salem, Massachusetts, she finds the local student body is divided into rival factions of witches and non-witches, with both sides bidding for her allegiance. And if that weren`t enough, an unknown force seems to want her - dead! Between the tribal loyalties of the schoolyard and the brutal, fight-or-die logic of the mage-war, Kim must steer a course that will keep her alive until she can take the fight back to her enemy and reveal the true identity of someone she thought she already knew: herself.
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