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Rune vs. Venom

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Shortly before the symbiote, invasion the protector of the stargate, who happened to be a symbiote very similar to venom, meddled with the stargate switching it on. This allowed the being known as Rune to enter the marvel universe. Rune kills the symbiotes host but the symbiote forces itself on rune. Sometime later, in symbiote invasion venom became a traitor and killed many other symbiotes to protect earth at spiderman's side along with a hero known as the scarlet spider. Upon seeing this, the symbiote who became one with rune set out to punish the traitor by commiting sever ghastley murders and leaving venom's name on the nearest walls with the victom's blood. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents set out and in a brief battle with venom accidentally give away all the imformation of the killer. Venom searches for the killer and meets him. The symbiotic rune easily overpowers venom, poisons him with a bite into his neck and tells him that he will suffer by watching his mate, Ann Weying, die at his hand and then that he will die and departs. Now a weakened venom must batlle both the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and a symbiotic god. Just on question: how can anyone manage that?