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Throughout the centuries, many people have held the notion of eternal justice consummated in a place of everlasting torment and suffering. This short comic on Hell sheds light on this subject, and gives us a glimpse into the final destination of the unredeemed. Hell is a literal place in an undisclosed location, possibly another dimension, for both evil angels who rebelled against God, and unrepentant humans who have refused God's offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. Those unfortunate enough to fall into the jaws of Hell suffer the full force of the wrath of God. Imagine being eaten by worms within, and burned by fire without; in Hell the damned have all their needs and wants without hope of fulfillment for any -- hunger without food to satisfy it, thirst without water to quence it, loneliness without company to alleviate it. Misery loves company, and in Hell there is unlimited misery, but none of the company misery wishes to commiserate with. This is just a small glimpse into the horrors of Hell, the real place is much worse beyond imagining.

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