The Dark Age

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In the near future, a gray haze reduces every known metal on earth to worthless piles of dust. With no technology, no guns, no computers, humanity reverts to a violent feudal system where each pocket of civilization is ruled by knights of plastic, wood, and glass. This is a new Dark Age!

Fallen World

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In the year 4002, a cyborg samurai named Rai struggles to find his morality, while the nanite-filled supersoldier Bloodshot is on a mission to save the citizens of Earth. Will they work together for the greater good? All signs point to no. Oh, and did we mention there are also dinosaurs on the loose and powerful animal-human hybrid mutants? Good luck with that, Rai.

Little Bird

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LITTLE BIRD follows a young resistance fighter who battles against an oppressive American Empire and searches for her own identity in a world on fire.

Doggybags: Death Of A Nation

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Come one, come all to Patriot Park: a place where you can relive the great battles that forged America! But here, your enemies are no longer Mexicans or Indians: ever since the zombie epidemic of 2018, when the Romero Law revoked American citizenship to anyone infected by the virus, cannon fodder doesn’t cost much, so the entire family can come have fun, emptying their guns in the impressive historical reconstitutions in this extraordinary amusement park.

The Last Zombie: Inferno

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Doctor Ian Scott and his team of soldiers and scientists make their way across the wastelands of a post-zombie apocalyptic America. Infected with the virus that caused the zombie outbreak, Ian struggles to stay alive long enough to see his wife again. As if that wasn't enough, the team find themselves caught between a raging, state-wide wildfire and the radioactive destruction of a nuclear reactor meltdown.

The Last Zombie: Neverland

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Lost somewhere between Missouri and Iowa (after surviving the events of The Last Zombie: Inferno), the team stops to repair their vehicles and scavenge supplies. But they soon learn that they aren't the only scavengers in town when a horde of ravenous, swarming rats attack the convoy!

Tank Girl Action Alley

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The Tank Girl universe begins here. Explore the backstories and secrets behind the world of the post-apocalyptic punk icon. The origins of the mutant kangaroos and Booga himself, revealed in this first arc.

The Freeze

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The entire human population is frozen by a mysterious global event… all except Ray, and only he has the power to unfreeze them. Now with the fate of the world in his hands, he must figure out what is going on, how to set things right again, and answer the question: does everyone deserve to be saved?

Dredd: Final Judgment

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  • Comic Title: Dredd: Final Judgment
  • Publisher: Rebellion Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Arthur Wyatt, Alex De Campi, Henry Flint
  • Genres: post-apocalyptic
  • Publication Run: 2018
  • Status: ongoing
  • Synopsis: The final comic-book sequel to the cult movie DREDD, and it`s the epic clash that fans have been waiting for - Judge Dredd versus Judge Death!