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Doom 2099

In the year 2099, Doctor Doom abruptly materializes via an energy sphere in the ruins of Castle Doom in Latveria, after disappearing 50–100 years before. Latveria is now in the hands of a cyborg mercenary robber-baron, Tyger Wylde. Doom confronts the new dictator of the nation, but is quickly defeated by Wylde's superior technology — his armor depleted of energy and destroyed, and his face is scarred. Left for dead, Doom finds refuge with the last remnants of his gypsy tribe, the Zefiro, via the seeress Fortune. With the aid of a brilliant Pixel employee he liberates from corporate enslavement named Dr. Celia Quinones Doom creates, using 2099 technology, a new, far more advanced and powerful suit of silver, blue cloaked armor capable of competing with Wylde's futuristic addition to performing neurocybersurgery on him.
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