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Countdown To Final Crisis

It's all-out war as the Challengers find Ray Palmer - and so does everyone else! The fate of a universe hangs in the balance, as heroes and villains from across the multiverse face betrayal and death with Earth as their battlefield! Spoilers! Mary Marvel and Eclipso/Jean Loring continue their fight in space. They conveniently make their way to Earth. Eclipso is ready to unleash her full power against Mary. She is about to kill her in order to get her magic. Mary turns the tables on her. Having held the Eclipso jewel recently, Mary is aware what Eclipso/Jean has done to Sue Dibny. Mary says she has to pay for that. Mary has seen that Jean was bad before. It's not just the jewel that is driving her. There's a reason Eclipso sought Jean out for its host. Mary sees that she was almost like Jean. Hungering for power. She doesn't want to be that person. Eclipso then pleads for Mary to giver her the power rather than simply waste it. Mary is willing. The power hasn't brought her anything but pain and misery. Embracing Eclipso, Mary says "Shazam!" Both are knocked out by the blast and fall to the water below. On Earth 51, Ray Palmer stands before the Monitor as he says it is time for him to die. Barry Allen rushes to protect his friend, only to get fried by the Monitor. Kyle tries to stop him but the Monitor points out that his ring isn't enough to stand against him. Donna has no choice but to attack also. During all of this, Ray leads the Jean of this world downstairs away from the fight. She is confused over what is happening and what has happened to Barry. Ray tells her they need to leave this reality. Still confused, Ray tries to comfort her by promising that he won't allow things to fall apart again. He has a portal open but "Bob" smashes through the ceiling. Ray tries getting Jean to go with him but she is still too confused and pulls away. As the Monitor attempts to wipe Ray Palmer out, he shrinks. Jean is too far away and seems to have been hit by the blast. Ray looks up to see the burnt remains of his wife fall to the floor. He falls to his knees in tears. As the Monitor tries to reassure Ray that he will soon be joining his wife, Ralph Dibny jumps on his back to stop him. He too is destroyed. Kyle grabs Ray and flies away. Donna stands before the Monitor as Jason throws a dagger in the back of his head. Donna uses the momentary distraction to fly them both away. The Monitor isn't quick to follow knowing that they do not have the technology to leave the world. Before he can do anything, he is surrounded by the other Monitors. He is told that they should not have been able to escape. Bob points out that it was their plan to use the anomalies to find the "key" Ray Palmer. Solomon tells Bob it is time to go home as they should be one. The other Monitors are shocked that Solomon drained him. They were also unaware of their plana. Solomon is surprised that Bob wasn't absorbed into him. He says everything that he was should now be inside him. He tells the others that they have waited too long. The Source has eluded them. Their conversation is soon interrupted by the Monarch and his army. Mary Marvel wakes up on the shore of a beach, alone. She is relieved that she can no longer feel the dark power inside her. Not knowing where she is, she looks up to see a couple of Amazons of Themyscira and a hellhound towering over her. They tell her she is trespassing and do not look too happy. Back up story: The Origin of Monarch by Scott Beatty and Scott Kolins.
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