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Convergence Flashpoint

  • Comic Title: Convergence Flashpoint
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Dan Jurgens, Alisa Kwitney, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Frank Tieri, Vicente Cifuentes, Jan Duursema, Cully Hamner, Rick Leonardi, Lee Weeks
  • Genres: superhero
  • Publication Run: 2015
  • Status: completed
  • Synopsis: Once, there were infinite Earths. Then there came a Crisis...a Zero Hour...a Flashpoint. Worlds lived. Worlds died. But some worlds must now fight for their future-in the Convergence!

    The evil alien intelligence known as Brainiac has stolen 50 doomed cities from throughout time and space and sealed them behind impenetrable domes. Now, after a year, the domes will come down-and the heroes and villains of 50 dead worlds must battle to be the last one standing!
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