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Cable & X-Force (2013)

  • Comic Title: Cable & X-Force (2013)
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Alternatives: N/A.
  • Author/Artist: Dennis Hopeless, Salvador Larroca
  • Genres: action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi
  • Publication Run: 2013
  • Status: completed
  • Synopsis: Cable seeks the help of Dr. Nemesis because of the headaches and visions he has been having. He builds him a mechanical arm since his left arm atrophied due to lack of use all the time it was metal from the Techno-organic virus. He cannot fix his metal eye, so he covers it with an eye patch. Cable is then able to help Forge cure his mental illness by using his telepathic powers. Hope teams up with Domino in order to find Cable, who has been missing since the events of `Messiah Complex`. After being reunited with one another, Cable and Hope both share a vision in which a tanker hits the shore in Miami Beach and from which a mysterious mass comes out.
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