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Batman: Nosferatu


Under Clark and Lois’ enlightened rule, Metropolis has begun to progress. However, some resist that progress, such as Dr. Arkham, the head of an asylum, who holds ’psychomantic’ seances for the entertainment of the depraved rich of Metropolis. The star of these is the ’Laughing Man’, a white-faced, murderous creature, a prototype cyborg built by Lutor from one of Arkham’s patients. Many other patients in the asylum are also experiments of Lutor, driven mad by his work. When Eschevin Gordon tries to close Arkham down, the doctor sends the Laughing Man to kill him. Attorney Dirk Grayson becomes suspicious of Arkham, but he, too, is killed by the Laughing Man. Dirk’s friend, Bruss Wayne, and their mutual love-interest Barbera Gordon, are then drawn to investigate Arkham, after being turned down by the police and apparently ignored by the Super-Man and Lois, who have greater concerns that require his attention.