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Archie Meets The Punisher / Punisher Meets Archie

The Punisher has made a deal with the government to hunt down a notorious drug dealer named `Red` who is hiding in Riverdale. The deal requires him to forgo his normally lethal methods and apprehend the suspect instead of killing him, since the federals wish to interrogate Red about the drug trafficking on the East Coast. This is fortunate, because Red looks exactly like Archie (save for a prominent set of buck teeth). However, this circumstance also unintentionally causes a lot of trouble for Archie, as various drug mobsters who wish to even the scores on the market decide to do away with Red before he can endanger their business one way or another.

While the Punisher initially also falls for this similarity, he quickly realizes his mistake and henceforth teams up with Archie to save his girlfriend Veronica, who was kidnapped by Red. All parties remain completely in character throughout the issue, although Riverdale`s inherent innocence compels the Punisher to allow his true quarry to live, for once. The comic ends with the Punisher leaving for Gotham City, and the joking suggestion that the next crossover will be between Wolverine and Jughead, `the world`s most powerful mutant`.