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30 Days Of Night: Bloodsucker Tales

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Dead Billy Dead`, written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Kody Chamberlain. This serialized story featured a young man named Billy who was turned into a vampire and later kidnapped, along with his girlfriend Maggie, by a vampire-obsessed scientist. Meanwhile, Goodis, a police officer whom Maggie had called when approached by the vampiric Billy, discovers Stella Olemaun`s book.
`Juarez or Lex Nova and the Case of the 400 Dead Mexican Girls`, written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Ben Templesmith. This story depicted Lex Nova`s investigation of the disappearance of hundreds of girls in Juarez, Mexico. A group of vampires called the Zero Family Circus arrives in Mexico at the same time, believing the deaths to be caused by an estranged vampire.